What is the usage of crotchless pantyhose?

Crotchless clothing for adults, such as crotchless pantyhose, crotchless panties or even crotchless yoga pants is perfect for adding a healthy dose of excitement and fun into everyday life!

Just make sure you pick the appropriate time and place to wear your crotchless attire 😉

Access. You appear to be covered because you’re wearing pantyhose, but in fact, you’re effectively walking around commando (the same as wearing no panties at all). But your private parts are instantly accessible as if you were naked.

With crotchless pantyhose, I can have sex at a moment’s notice, without so much as undoing a single button.

It does let my privates breathe better as well. And since I sleep in pantyhose, removing the crotch panel lets me masturbate before sleeping and directly fall asleep, without having to fuss around with panties.

Here are some common usages of the crotchless pantyhose:-

  1. Easy access for women while using the public restroom/toilet daily.
  2. Easy access for women whenever they’re having sex without removing their skirts, pantyhose & panties.
  3. Very easy access for every man whenever they’re sucking & licking up women’s pussy.
  4. Easy access for women whenever they’re doing masturbation on the bed by using a vibrator or dildo.
  5. Easy access for women’s private/genital parts to breathe well while wearing thick & very hot clothing.

I loved crotchless pantyhose because it’s sexier, hotter, more seductive, very convenient & saves more time without removing all the clothing for women in their daily & sexual life, compared to those normal cotton gusset pantyhose.

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usage of crotchless pantyhose
usage of crotchless pantyhose


What is the usage of crotchless pantyhose?

I would see 2 other purposes: 1. Convenience for sex/personal pleasure and 2. Ease when using the latrine.

For me, when I wear crotchless, I’ll slip a thong over to support the precious and it’s still easy when visiting the latrine.

Not to mention more breath-ability. For long-lasting comfort, choosing one with a good crotch band is important as an inferior-made crotch band can bite into the skin.

Ease of using a restroom. Some might wear panties over them which would be easier to use the restroom just by pulling down the panties.

Sexual intervention. If you wore regular pantyhose, you’d have to pull down the waistband or remove them completely and many people wished they could remain on! As well, removing the oval cotton gusset for sex is like ruining a good pair just for that.

I would think there are three primary reasons for crotchless pantyhose. And keep in mind this is a male’s perspective.

  • It allows for the genital area to basically breathe.
  • The woman wearing them may feel very sexy knowing she’s exposed but without those around her knowing.
  • This is a great way for foreplay and can add some excitement to sex.

I’m sure women may have other reasons for wearing them but if you are her significant other, enjoy it and let her enjoy the feeling.

What is the usage of crotchless pantyhose?


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