Is it weird to wear pantyhose without underwear?

The question assumes pantyhose is not considered underwear, while some of us wear this clothing item by itself as a suitable undergarment.

Daily, I wear dresses and skirt suits to work with pumps and nude, ultra-sheer hosiery to project a professional business image, and I find the silky smooth feel from waist to toes of only wearing premium pantyhose to be nothing less than that of comfortable lingerie.

Most of my wardrobe is either bought or adjusted to be form-fitted as possible to project the figure that I worked hard to develop and maintain; as a result, snug-fitting pencil skirts and dresses are always smooth in appearance while visible panty lines are never an issue.

Some premium brands include Calvin Klein Ultra Bare Infinite Sheer, Donna Karan Beyond The Nudes, and Falke Shelina Sheer Pantyhose.

No. It’s not weird. But it can feel ‘different’ and make you feel a little vulnerable if the usual way you wear pantyhose is with underwear. (I’m thinking when I wear a skirt or a short dress).


I will often wear them alone in dress pants or other tight-fitting pants because it is more comfortable, and I need not be concerned with a visible panty line.

There are no ‘rules’ as such as to how you choose to wear them. Your own personal comfort and your wardrobe selection will inform your decision as to whether you choose to wear them with, or without.

To be honest, they’re more comfortable sans panties or other forms of underwear, but I typically include panties for purposes of personal hygiene and a general sense of security.

Is it weird to wear pantyhose without underwear?

After reading a lot of the responses saying the obvious: Pantyhose are a combination of panties and hose. DUH. Any that only men wear panties under their pantyhose.

I say it is perfectly normal for people to wear panties under their pantyhose, especially if they were brought up in a more conservative/ religious environment where modesty is taught as a value and not to put yourself in a position to every have that modesty compromised by a gust of wind, a pervert taking up-skirt pictures, etc…Panties are the last layer to protect from this.

Well, I know many women that wear panties under their pantyhose as I do for different reasons mentioned.

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Women wear panties under their hose when it is that time of the month.

When it is cold, the panties act as an additional layer of warmth that is necessary and I bet over 99% of the pantyhose wearing people will wear panties under their hose.

Besides, panties, especially pretty and colorful panties look great under pantyhose, at least mine do.

Is it weird to wear pantyhose without underwear

As I understand it, they are intended to be worn without- that’s why there’s that little crotch panel. Most people do wear them with underwear though.

I’ve been known to wear briefs over tights or pantihose because it helps them stay up and a control panty over the tights holds the tummy in far better than any control top hose ever can.

Add extra style to your outfits by wearing the right type of pantyhose.

Pantyhose have become an essential way to flaunt the legs as well. But there are so many types of pantyhose it can be difficult deciding which styles are best for your needs.

Navigating the long list of styles such as opaque, sheer, thigh-highs, toeless, control top, etc. can be a challenge.

weird to wear pantyhose without underwear
weird to wear pantyhose without underwear


Pantyhose are meant to be worn without underwear. It’s in the name, panty (meaning underwear) and hose, pantyhose. But some people don’t realize this and wear pantyhose with underwear.

I myself understand this perfectly and wear my pantyhose without any underwear.

Not at all. In fact, I think it’s perfect to replace underwear with pantyhose, due to the following:

  • Better ventilation
  • Pantyhose material is more comfortable than regular underwear
  • One-piece solution for your legwear-underwear.

I wear men’s pantyhose without underwear. Why would you wear one more garment if pantyhose are all underwear which I wear underneath my jeans?

So needless to say Dubble undies are not needed. What I have is a men’s pantyhose with the fly at the front but never use it. Very comfortable to wear.

One drawback, it won’t sly underneath my jeans otherwise very comfortable to wear.

I hope this helps anyone who is still doubtful!

Is it weird to wear pantyhose without underwear


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