Skin Brightening Cream

Skin Brightening Cream

Zeta White is a gentle but powerful skin lightening system. It is a safe and welcome alternative to harsh bleaching creams and is formulated with a carefully developed blend of natural, yet highly effective, skin lightening ingredients.

Applied as individual products, or as a complete skin lightening system for best results, Zeta White is packed with soothing ingredients that help to brighten your skin naturally, without causing damage.

No chemicals. No toxins. Better still, no nasty side effects. Just lighter, naturally brighter skin.

Skin Brightening Cream
Skin Brightening Cream

How are we different?

We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident in their own skin. By extensively researching the optimal blend of safe, all-natural ingredients, we’ve developed a 3-point lighting system that works around-the-clock. Suitable for even the most delicate of skin types, Zeta White helps to lighten your skin the healthy way.

How does it work?

Age, genetics, and environmental factors such as sun exposure, can lead to an increase in the pigment melanin, which lives deep in your skin. When triggered, the production of melanin causes darkening and pigmentation.

The Zeta White 3-point system is densely packed with safe and gentle lightening compounds to help slow the production of melanin and allow your skin to retain its natural whiteness.


Zeta White Face Wash contains enzyme-rich papaya extract, to help naturally lighten skin, and lemon extract, to help reduce the amount of melanin your skin produces. Used morning and evening, it’s your first step towards creating the foundation for lighter, brighter skin.


Zeta White lightening moisturiser is packed with liquorice extract to not only help brighten your skin, but to help act as a natural sunscreen and shield against skin darkening rays. Used daily, it simultaneously helps to brighten the skin, whilst protecting against further darkening.


Helping your skin to replenish while you sleep, Zeta White lightening night cream boasts high levels of Allantoin. This helps to remove dead cells from your skin’s surface, paving the way for the growth of new, lighter skin and preventing further darkening. Anti-inflammatory properties mean you will wake to look brighter and revitalized.


Containing the trilogy of skin lightening solutions – the face wash, moisturizer and night cream – Zeta White 3-point lighting system works together to meet all your skin’s needs, at the optimum times of the day. This full system contains an extra face wash for free.

Our expertly formulated Zeta White skin whitening products will help you to achieve the lighter skin you wish for. For best results, we recommend using the complete system so that you can receive the maximum benefit from each of the natural skin lightening ingredients they each contain.

Skin Brightening Cream

Skin Brightening Cream
Skin Brightening Cream


Our 3-point lightening system contains the face wash, moisturiser and night cream, providing you with everything you need to help lighten your skin. The Zeta White range works in synergy and daily use is highly recommended.

Thanks to the all-natural blend of ingredients, each of the products is 100% safe for regular use. Better still, this complete system offers excellent value for money as it includes an extra face wash, absolutely free!


Start your day by cleansing with the face wash, to create a base for your skin lightening moisturizer. Liberally apply moisturizer to wear throughout the day. Cleanse again in the evening, and apply the lighting night cream. Use regularly for maximum results.

Lifetime Guarantee

We’re so confident that you will be able to see a visible difference with the use of Zeta White, that we offer an industry-leading no-risk, money-back guarantee.

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