Repairing Your Damaged Pantyhose in 2020

Repairing Your Damaged Pantyhose in 2020

If you are thinking of wearing pantyhose, always be prepared for possible snags or runs. Be wary of sharp items, rough surfaces, and jagged edges.

Exercise caution at all times when sitting down, moving about and while walking. Also, be careful in swaying your legs and make sure nothing pointed touches your pantyhose.

Try not to go near metallic, wooden and coarse objects, as well as these, tend to scratch your legwear.

Additionally, cutting your finger and toenails correctly can help in preventing pantyhose snags. When putting on your stockings, take your time, do not be in a hurry and always remove your jewelry.

Avoid wearing studded accessories, sequined dresses and other articles of clothing that may ruin your pantyhose.

Repairing Your Damaged Pantyhose
Repairing Your Damaged Pantyhose

Only hand wash your hosiery and do not wring them. Gently squeeze them instead and lay them flat to dry. Store them properly by separating them from your other clothes.

You can put them inside a lined box or perhaps a drawstring bag. This protects these delicate garments from tears caused by buttons or zippers.

Even with all the essential measures, you have put in and you still managed to damage your pantyhose, keep calm and just relax. Do not panic.

Repairing Your Damaged Pantyhose in 2020

Once you discover a hole on your pantyhose, immediately distance it from what is causing the tear. Avoid unnecessary movements to stop the hole from spreading or getting worse.

Treating torn pantyhose right away makes it less difficult for you to salvage them. If the run is just small, you need not take off your legwear.

You can restore it easily even without removing your pantyhose. A brilliant way of repairing it is by using nail polish.

Always keep a bottle of clear polish in your bag so you can immediately fix pantyhose problems. Fast-drying formulas are wonderful to use and can patch up tears well.

To mend a hole, simply apply nail polish all around the edges to prevent a run from developing.

If you are dealing with a pantyhose snag, apply the polish to the area where the problem originated from as well as around the edges.

This helps keep the run from getting bigger. You can also opt to take off your pantyhose for easy access and prevent getting nail polish on your skin.

Allow it to dry for a couple of minutes before wearing the pantyhose again or before you start moving your legs. The nail polish needs to completely dry and harden for it to become an effective patch.

Remember to be careful when pulling up your pantyhose to avoid another run on the fabric.

Using Hairspray is another quick solution to ripped pantyhose. When utilizing this product, it is best to remove your hosiery.

Spray the affected part as well as its surrounding area to localize the tear and keep it from expanding.

Hairspray will stiffen the fibers in your pantyhose and fix your problem temporarily. This product is not water-resistant so make sure your pantyhose does not get wet.

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Repairing Your Damaged Pantyhose in 2020

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