Recycling Your Old Pantyhose

Recycling Your Old Pantyhose

Women all over the world have these in their closet drawers: ripped pantyhose, hosiery that has holes on the feet, torn stockings and tights with snags.

Instead of throwing them out, why not recycle and turn them into useful items?

Salvaging old pantyhose gives you more value for money and also helps Mother Earth. These tips will help you find more uses for pantyhose way beyond its original purpose.

The main element that allows you to breathe new life into your ripped pantyhose is their elastic quality. They are stretchy and flexible making them versatile and handy to have.

Recycling Your Old Pantyhose
Recycling Your Old Pantyhose

The elastic leg part of the pantyhose can be used to tie things. Think of the old pantyhose as rubber bands. In the garden, you can cut them into small pieces to help keep plants in place.

They can be used to hold flowers together as well. In the kitchen, you can even utilize pantyhose as a strainer. They’re made of finely woven nylon that is effective in filtering loose tea, coffee, and seeds.

You can also stash tubes of paper inside the legs of old pantyhose. This protects the paper and keeps it from getting damaged, torn or tattered.

Recycling Your Old Pantyhose

You can cut off the feet portion of the pantyhose and utilize them as bags to hold objects.

They are expandable and made of a soft fabric that’s perfect to store delicate items like jewelry and other accessories.

Pantyhose are also fantastic for keeping small bits and pieces like plastic buttons, felt cut-outs, stickers, and scrapbooking knick-knacks.

Alternatively, you can fill the feet of the old pantyhose with dried flowers and fragrant plant materials to make your own DIY potpourri bags.

The stretchable waistband can be used as hair ties or scrunchies and is great for holding back your hair.

This part of the pantyhose can also be used to tie maps, wallpaper, posters, and other stationery rolls.

They’re also wonderful to use as cleaning cloths. You can polish your home furniture such as tables, chairs, and cupboards using pantyhose.

If your shoes need some buffing up, rub them with hosiery to make them shiny and dust-free.

If you’ve got pets at home but hate looking at animal hair on your floor, a good way to successfully remove all the hairs is by using pantyhose.

Put the hosiery at the end of your broom when sweeping your floor. Notice how easily it picks up all the hair.

Want to save some money?

Cut old pantyhose into strips and use them in removing nail polish. They’re effective and accomplish the job just as good as cotton balls.

When you’re traveling, old pantyhose are great cushions for fragile items. You need not worry about damaging your things as this is a brilliant way to protect them.

Another simple way to recycle your pantyhose is by using them as stuffing. May it is pillows, miscellaneous projects or homemade toys, pantyhose make the good stuffing. If you’re feeling a bit crafty, you can also turn them into flower wire ornaments.

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Recycling Your Old Pantyhose

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