Pantyhose For Men – More Than Mantyhose

Men wearing pantyhose? What kind of new fashion statement is that?

Well, if truth be told, men have been wearing pantyhose and tights for centuries. Just think back to Shakespearean plays and even our own Colonial times and you will find men in tights.

The modern incarnation of pantyhose for man has come in many forms. There are compression tights that assist in circulation and comfort.

Male athletes have offered that pantyhose and tights help their performance. Then you have the niche group of men who like to wear pantyhose for the feeling it gives them.

Many report the sensual nature of pantyhose is an attraction. The soft, silky nylon, in most cases, is a material most men have never experienced against their legs, while women take it for granted as part of their everyday wardrobe.

Pantyhose For Men – More Than Mantyhose

In my fifteen years of experience selling pantyhose to most men, I have found there are multiple reasons men enjoy wearing pantyhose.

A large group of pantyhose wearers is a cross-dressing man, who enjoys the feminine transformation a pair of pantyhose can offer.

Pantyhose For Men

Opaque tights can cover unsightly male hair that impedes the goal of having shapely, smooth legs similar to a woman’s.

Another reason men enjoy wearing hosiery is that they are increasingly aware that gender lines are being blurred, especially in the area of fashion.

Garments like pantyhose for males are no longer taboo, and there are even styles made especially for men’s’ bodies.

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The concept of “mantyhose” or “Guylons” has become increasingly popular, with some men wearing their hosiery under trousers or even shorts where the pantyhose can be seen.

There are new lines that market hosiery exclusively to men. Among the offering are two styles of pantyhose that are made to fit a man’s body.

The first style is a pantyhose with a “comfort sleeve” sewn into the front of the pantyhose. This allows the man to comfortably put his “privates” in the sleeve, eliminating the need to tuck back, which can be uncomfortable.

The second style has an opening, similar to a pair of men’s underwear, which allows them to use the bathroom without having to pull down the pantyhose. Both styles are made especially for men.

Even though the majority of men who wear pantyhose are forced to wear hosiery designed for women, there are some companies that have recognized the demand for this fashion accessory and have started designing and manufacturing pantyhose to fit a man’s body and lifestyle.

The future of pantyhose for a man seems very bright. As more men start experimenting with pantyhose for comfort and pleasure, the taboo of man wearing that traditionally women’s’ accessory will disappear.

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