Do women always wear pantyhose with a skirt?

Some do some don’t. You wear what will make you the most comfortable.

Pantyhose or stockings look good with a dress or a skirt and if your wearing heels the pantyhose or stockings feel better for your feet and won’t rub inside of your heels.

Plus silky pantyhose and silky stockings it’s easy to slip off your shoes if needed ones without a strap.

I was born in 1967, so I’m a victim of my own age. My childhood was in the ’70s. I remember female bank tellers, female teachers, and moms at my little league games in pantyhose.

My “coming of age” was in the ’80s. I remember My female classmates in high school, their moms, and jewelry store sales ladies in pantyhose.

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pantyhose experience
pantyhose experience

I looked at more freaking jewelry than most women…………. never intending to buy any of it…………..just to check out the sales lady’s legs.

The one constant I remember from those two decades was that most ladies wouldn’t dream of going bare-legged in a dress or a skirt.

They even wore pantyhose in the summer, oh my! How outside the box is that?

Sadly, women rarely wear pantyhose with a dress or a skirt anymore. I long for those days to return.

They say everything that is old eventually becomes new again. I hope and pray this is the case.

Oh and just a side note, I know this question was about pantyhose. I get that some women don’t like pantyhose for whatever the reasons. But hey, thigh-hi stockings work too, just letting you know.

Do women always wear pantyhose with a skirt?

First of all, I think that girls wearing stockings with stockings are not meant to be purely anti-glare or sexy.

In the eyes of women, especially in some formal or crowded public places, it is a very impolite behavior if you wear a skirt and do not wear stockings on your legs.

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Therefore, wearing stockings can not only be polite but also keep your image in a grand and generous way, why not!

Secondly, stockings can make women’s legs look smoother and more delicate, and also better hide the skin color, especially the darker-skinned girls wearing silk stockings can block the dark legs.

And some stockings can be used to modify the leg shape, so that your legs look slim and sleek, and there are some girls with heavy body hair in their lives.

Even if you use a hair removal cream, you will leave some traces. Put on the stockings to cover them instantly. Leg hair, really super convenient!

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pantyhose with a skirt
pantyhose with a skirt

Finally, women’s high-heeled shoes are often happening.

Smooth stockings can effectively prevent foot rubbing, and stockings of different colors and styles can show the charm of different styles of women.

So the best of both worlds, everyone always understands girls. Why do you always wear stockings when you wear a skirt?

This stocking is ergonomically designed to create the perfect leg line, non-sense, non-hooking, soft and durable, to meet all your requirements for stockings.

But in fact, wearing a skirt without wearing stockings really depends on personal habits.

More and more women feel that freedom and comfort are the most important, and the bare legs are more fashionable than wearing stockings, provided that your legs are enough.

Beautiful, then you can choose not to wear, after all, the stockings match is only second, the matching of the skirt is the most representative of a feminine temperament and charm, a beautiful skirt can always improve your fashion several grades, so to match Fashionable, you need skirts and stockings against each other.

Do women always wear pantyhose with a skirt or dress?

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