Pantyhose Basics Information 2020

Pantyhose Basics

Whether you’re a hosiery enthusiast or not, knowing a bit or two about what you have to look for in quality pantyhose won’t ever hurt you.

Sure, for a layman observer, all pantyhose may look similar, but they’re absolutely not.

There are pantyhose out there which cost only a few bucks a pair ($4-$7 is the entry-range cost), and then there are tights which cost hundreds of dollars or Euros and there’s a reason for the huge price-discrepancy.

Is it worth shelling out that much money for a pair of flimsy nylons? For some people it is.

Anyway, here’s what you have to consider when shopping for quality pantyhose.

  • The actual feel and look of the material. Pantyhose packages have openings cut in them which are only covered by a thin film of plastic, and through which the material is fully visible. Make a visual assessment of your nylon hosiery before you make the purchase.

The panty area, which can take up a variety of shapes and styles and which is extremely important depending on the reason for which you intend to wear pantyhose in the first place.

Pantyhose Basics
Pantyhose Basics

If you’re looking for hip and tummy control, you’re probably looking for control top pantyhose. If you aim to wear pantyhose which is barely noticeable, you’re probably aiming for sheer to waist pantyhose.

Pantyhose Basics Information 2020

The seams which are used to stitch the pantyhose together can be a telltale sign of your nylons’ quality.

  • Quality tights feature flat seams. Flat seams do not dig into the flesh of the wearer, while regular seams do. All top-quality hosiery feature flat seams.

The gusset or crotch panel of the pantyhose. In cheaper tights, the gusset is usually made of the same material as the panty area of the pantyhose: a nylon/lycra blend. In high-quality pantyhose, the crotch panel is always lined with cotton for extra comfort.

The toes: some pantyhose feature visibly reinforced toes. While this is far from being a rule written in stone, pantyhose with such visibly reinforced toes are usually of the cheaper kind.

With more expensive tights, the hosiery makers have found a way to make the toe area more resistant without making it stand out, so generally speaking, high-quality pantyhose tend to feature sandal toes.

  • Once on the leg, high-quality pantyhose create a plush, cozy feel, and the color/texture of the material is even all over the leg. Uneven coloring, when stretched out on the leg, indicates lower-quality material.

The bottom line: because pantyhose are so look-focused, whether or not one likes a certain style comes down to individual taste.

Know what you’re looking for in hosiery and make sure you tick off all the necessary attributes before purchase.

Don’t just pick up a pair because you assume its high cost makes it more suitable for you than another – cheaper – brand.

Pantyhose Basics Information 2020

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