Flag Day Collection 

Let your flags fly high! On June 14th of each year, the United States of America celebrates the adoption of its official flag which happened to the date in 1777.

It wasn’t until 1916 that President Woodrow Wilson made the day official by creating an official proclamation. Flag Day is a great way to pay your respects to “Old Glory” and all the symbolism that she brings.

Flag Day can be celebrated in many ways, from simply hanging a flag off the front porch to heading downtown to watch a parade. Quincy, Massachusetts is home to the longest running Flag Day parade which has been marching every year since 1952 while Troy,

New York boasts the largest parade with more than 50,000 people in attendance. Flag Day is part of the patriotic season that begins with Memorial Day at the end of May and culminates with Independence Day, July 4th.

Flag Day Collection American Flag Print Bikini

According the history books, during the American Revolution, Betsy Ross was commissioned to create a flag to fly in honor of the new America colonies.

What this seamstress created wasn’t something to soon be forgotten, her flag (and subsequent versions) is perhaps one of the most iconic and enduring images of the USA.

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A field of blue set the background for 13 white stars which represented each of recent additions to the new growing country.

Wearing a Betsy Ross costume is a great way to honor the flag flying high above. Dressed in the typical clothing of a colonial-era woman, Betsy Ross is often portrayed in a plain black cotton dress with a white apron and “mop cap” style bonnet worn over pinned up curls.

Flag Day Collection
Flag Day Collection

Colonial style shoes should be peeking out from this historical women’s costume and a pair of spectacles are a necessity for seeing all the tiny sewing stitches. For a fun prop, carry around a partially finished flag secured down into a large embroidery hoop.

Flag Day Collection American Flag Print Bikini


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