Do cheerleaders wear pantyhose?

Most cheerleaders don’t. If a flyer does, it could be difficult and dangerous to stunt because her legs would be slippery.

I’m a high school cheerleader and the only reason I’ve ever worn pantyhose while cheerleading is to keep warm on freezing cold nights during football games.

As for NFL or NBA cheerleaders cough dancers cough they would wear them to give their legs a smoother appearance. When I danced, it was required that I wore them when I performed.

NFL cheerleaders will once in a while, but they’re actually more of dancers than cheerleaders. As such, their uniforms are not typical cheer uniforms whatsoever.

Peewee, Pop Warner, high school, and college cheerleaders alike do not wear tights or pantyhose. Again, that’s traditionally more of a look for dancers.

For coverage, cheerleaders wear what we call spandex or spankies, which are those little boyshorts that are meant to be seen under our skirts.

My cheer skirt is by Under Armor and actually has those little shorts sewn in, so there’s zero chance of the crowd seeing my underwear (my team cheers in an arena, so thank goodness for that!!).

You might notice the little short legs poking out from under a cheerleader’s skirt once in a while.

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I hated wearing pantyhose and tights when I was a dancer. I found them to be so restrictive and distracting.

Do cheerleaders wear pantyhose
Do cheerleaders wear pantyhose

Back in the ’80s, a cheerleader would not be caught dead without tights of some type, and it looked so much better.

Nowadays, the standards are much lower, and the dress is sloppier. Needs to go back to the way it was.

Do cheerleaders wear pantyhose?

It might depend on their cheerleading team, whether they want to wear it with their sexy uniform or not.

However, in some European & Asian countries, most of the professional cheerleaders had constantly worn pantyhose or tights for their hot & sexy dance performances or competitions.

Sometimes, they might not be wearing pantyhose or tights, due to their tiredness in training or their energetic performance in extremely hot & sweaty weather.


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