Can I wear pantyhose to bed?

Can I wear pantyhose to bed?

My dear friends, the universal rule is to let the body be natural while sleeping. No tight clothes.

Else there is a chance that blood circulation will be impacted and body parts may get swollen. Even the night socks are not as tight as the daytime socks.

Pantyhose is a tight garment, so I will advise against it. If you do it occasionally it may be ok, but not daily. And if you are a restless sleeper you can tear or sag it by rolling over the bed frequently.

I assume you mean pantyhose. Of course, you CAN…but SHOULD you? Well, pantyhose holds in a lot of heat against warm moist crotches, even with panties.

This leads to an increased risk of yeast infections and rashes so it is probably a good idea not to wear them to bed much.

Unless of course, you are expecting them to be soon removed in some delightful fashion!

I sometimes fall asleep wearing my pantyhose, but I always take them off before I go to bed. You need to get air to your legs overnight. I only wear a nightdress in bed.

Can I wear pantyhose to bed
Can I wear pantyhose to bed?

Yes, but read some tips carefully:

  • Your legs need a break now and then.
  • They can be drying, so moisturizing as well as a shave.
  • They can cause problems with nails and toes, long term.

many people do for different reasons wear pantyhose to bed ..some wear them for comfort, others wear them to bed to keep warm, and some wear them for a sexy outfit to please the partner when having sex.

I wear them for all reasons love them this is one of my sexy nighties, my boyfriend loves me to where I’m in a relationship here in my life.

Can I wear pantyhose to bed?

I like to wear pantyhose to bed. I found that if I got a pair too large, like Queen or more, I don’t feel too constricted and I can still move around. They’re no good for wearing out or even around the house but they feel great under the sheets.

The fetishists here cannot fathom why one would not want to do wear them 24/7. Then there are those who find them uncomfortable and can’t imagine why someone would subject themselves to this level of torture.

I’m going to come at this from a slightly different perspective as someone with a fetish for having others wear them.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve had 6 serious partners and a handful of other GGG more casual partners who have been willing to indulge me in my particular fetish.

Of them, not one single person came to me with a fetish for hosiery and some of them actively hated hosiery of all forms fitting.

The best answer I have is a combination of these things:

  • I do not creep about it (why are so many hosiery fetishists… and well fetishists in general… creeps about their thing?).
  • Nice hosiery (Wolford, Charnos, Cecilia De Raphael, etc and so on) does feel good. Most people are introduced to hosiery that is unpleasant and fits poorly.
  • When you have hosiery that isn’t actively unpleasant, it becomes a low burden to do something that I get great enjoyment from and most people do like to do things for the people they love.
  • From there, it becomes a straight-line path to wearing them pretty much all the time. Even to bed.
  • Would these partners have done this without the external factor of my personal fetish, probably not? Have they come to appreciate and enjoy with me, absolutely.

So, back to the question at hand. It’s really an incomplete question because the question is no different from “can you do any mildly transgressive thing that hurts no one and others might find a bit odd”. Obvi… of course, you can. You didn’t need to ask that question.

So, what’s the real question, what do you really want to know?

Can I wear pantyhose to bed?

Can you tell when someone is wearing pantyhose

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