Doctor’s Book of Survival Home Remedies

Doctor’s Book of Survival Home Remedies

University of New England Medical School Professor Reveals:

How Any American Can “Flip The Bird” To The Modern Medical System… and…

Book of Survival Home Remedies
Book of Survival Home Remedies

Survive The Health Crisis With
100+ Scientifically-Backed Home Remedies

“My Type 2, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol VANISHED. Plus I ditched my 6 prescriptions.” – Dr. John Herzog

During a crisis… when patients line the hallways and crowd the doors…

Hospitals are forced into impossible life or death decisions…

Who gets treated?

And… who gets turned away to fend on their own?

… Neglected by the system while looking for help?

It happened during Hurricane Katrina.

While many Americans were killed by the initial flooding…

The most senseless deaths occurred AFTER the storm…

Where Americans with existing illnesses, diseases, or injuries… simply weren’t treated.

The medical system… simply collapsed.

Many simply died in local hospitals… waiting for treatment.

“How Do I Stay Healthy?”

Not having access to the healthcare system…

Will send shockwaves, if not panic, through most households.

  • “How can I manage my symptoms?”
  • “How can I treat infections?”
  • “How can I get access to medications for my conditions?”

These are all very real questions many Americans are asking right now.

Who takes care of your health while doctors are busy battling the crisis?

In the coming days it may become hard to manage your blood pressure without drugs… keep your memory sharp… and kick your immunity in high gear.

Dr. John Herzog assembled an essential list of “survival remedies” for those stuck at home with little to no access to healthcare.

They’re exactly what you need if you expect a future with

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China vs. The USA

Americans may “live longer”… by a couple months…

“But the last 10 years… are not expected to be healthy.”

We’re in big trouble here…

And the truth is… it’s gotten so bad…

With far too many patients losing their lives… or that are at risk of dying for no good reason…

That I’ve had enough.

Which is why two years ago…

I threw up my hands and “Opted Out”…

Walking away from the hospital where I’d worked for the past 25 years.

I’ll tell you the full story in just a minute.

But it’s also why I’m writing this letter.

Every hard-working, tax-paying, patriotic American… deserves access to the information that can empower nearly anyone to maintain near-perfect health…

In ANY crisis.

Everyone deserves access to the most effective, science-backed remedies that can treat and prevent a virtual encyclopedia of health problems in any crisis.

That way, if drug stores are closed or looted…

If hospitals and clinics are over-run…

If getting a doctor on the phone is impossible…

If the medical system implodes…

Doctor’s Book of Survival Home Remedies

Doctor's Book of Survival Home Remedies

Is Food Really “Medicine?”

I know it’s a little foreign to modern, western culture, but the food was considered the #1 medicine in the world for thousands and thousands of years.

Now, it’s true, some “natural” solutions turned out to be non-scientific traditions that got passed from one generation to the next.

They were more like a “wing and a prayer” remedies… without any scientific research to back them up.

That’s why I ONLY included remedies that have mountains of research behind their claims.

If it’s not backed by credible, peer-reviewed research studies, I’m not interested!

You get the benefit of thousands of years of healing tradition… plus the scientific proof you need to rest easy at night knowing you have the natural remedies ON HAND to address more than 100 conditions you or your family might face.

healthcare facilities
Book of Survival Home Remedies

Not Here… Right?

Now, it can be easy to believe that problems like this only impact “other” places…like China… or “problem” states like Louisiana, Florida, or California.

But the latest virus… isn’t recognizing borders.

And… it’s now become clear that the entire US medical system… from coast to coast…

Is nowhere near prepared enough.

Just “testing” for the latest virus… has already become problematic.

Many test kits sent to states… simply don’t work.

After weeks of hearing we have nothing to worry about…

The CDC has already thrown in the towel…

Telling Americans they need to prepare for themselves.

How many Americans could be impacted?

No one knows the exact number…

But experts aren’t optimistic.

Book of Survival Home Remedies

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