What is the best pantyhose situation you have experience

What is the best pantyhose situation you have experience and can remember?

When I was in 9th grade and felt completely invisible, especially to boys. I wore pantyhose every day and had for a few years, but I do remember one day the dress I wore had shrunk in the dryer and I didn’t have time to figure out a new outfit to go to school in.

I was wearing ivory sheer pantyhose (white flatters my legs, black makes them look sickly, which is opposite of the norm).

Friends, I suddenly realized that a couple of boys were paying VERY close attention to me.

I used to fidget a lot in school and also was a shoe dangler – I did NOT know it was a fetish at the time, otherwise, I would have made sure not to do it!

I remember it being the first time I saw a boy sexually aroused and was 100% sure it was him being horny.

pantyhose experience
pantyhose experience

What is the best pantyhose situation you have experience

I started playing with my legs, switching how they were crossed and was so amazed that these boys, let alone any boy, would be sexually aroused by me, a plain-looking nobody.

I got very excited and the thrill was addictive, and my heart was pounding with nervousness when I decided to take it up a level.

Focused on my homework, I uncrossed my legs and moved one leg a bit behind me, which opened my thighs.

I didn’t wear panties with pantyhose and the rush the boys must have felt was exceeded by the rush of excitement, sexual arousal, and ego-boosting attention that I was awash in.

I definitely had fun teasing with my legs from then on, even to a couple of teachers. But nothing ever matched the excitement from that first time and the absolute shock and surprise that I could be attractive to boys at all in the first place.

Second Pantyhose experience story

The first real nice date I had with my now wife. She had on this cute little dress with these fantastic looking legs in a sheer pair of nude pantyhose.

Friends, I could not take my eyes off of her after dinner went back to my place to watch, she said her feet hurt from her shoes, I offered to give her a foot rub.

I think that was the night she found out about my little fetish. I think I rubbed her feet for hrs.

Fast forward 20 years, she still wears pantyhose for me, I still rub her nylon feet to this day, she even rubs things with her feet from time to time. I thank my lucky stars every night for what she does for me.

The third story of Pantyhose situation

Friends, I still remember the first time I wore pantyhose and leather boots all day.

As soon as I got home, I took off my boots at the door and stepped on the cool soft rug, it was a feeling that I can only describe as orgasmic.

I let out such a sigh of relief that my sister asked if I was OK. I told her that I had never been better and that my feet felt so good as a cocktail of wonderful sensations coursed through my hosed feet. What a pleasant experience. Life’s little pleasures are awesome! 🙂

Forth Story of Pantyhose

Years ago, visiting Knott’s Berry Farm with my wife. I was still presenting male–well, sort of, I was wearing black shorts, sheer black pantyhose, black clogs, and a black men’s top.

Oh, and I carried a black purse. Waiting in line for a ride. Behind us were two young boys, age 10 or so.

Suddenly, I felt little fingers pinching my pantyhose on the back of my knee.

Think he’ll grow up wearing?

pantyhose situation
pantyhose situation

Fifth story

It made my then-girlfriend lividly pissed off at me and her sister. I was innocently sitting at a desk, with no lusty thoughts in my mind.

Her sister breezed in wearing nothing but pantyhose. I had seen her sister naked before, when out with a dozen friends skinny dipping. But in this case, my girl friend’s sister just stood they’re striking up a conversation.

I tried to avoid gawking, but yes, I did look at her girl’s goods. My girlfriend was not happy when she walked in. But I plead innocent.

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What is the best pantyhose situation you have experience

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